Osteopathy for Adults

Is back pain hindering your life? Do you have restricted movement in your neck or shoulder? Perhaps you are unable to fully turn your head when reversing the car or cannot sleep comfortably at night?

These are all problems that many adults think they just have to live with, but using osteopathic treatment Nargis Ahmad BSc (Hons) Ost will promote physical balance and aim to reduce your symptoms.

A few osteopathy sessions can also help to aid your recovery and ensure full movement is restored after an illness, such as a chest infection even a fractured bone. You’ll find the treatment helps you to breathe more fully and be able to move your joints effortlessly again.

Your appointment will begin with an initial consultation to understand your condition and the factors that may have contributed to it. Treatment could include manipulation, stretching, soft tissue manipulation and cranial techniques.

Nargis is skilled in releasing trapped nerves in the neck and back. In most cases there is no need for any jerking movements or unexpected ‘clicking’, so you can relax throughout the treatment knowing that you are in a safe and gentle pair of hands.

Following treatment with Nargis, you are likely to report both relief of your symptoms and improved general well-being. You’ll also receive practical advice and guidelines for self-management to ensure your long term relief.

Nargis is also fully-trained to screen for medical conditions and will advise, when needed, that you see another health professional such as a doctor, midwife or other medical practitioner.

Some Client Recommendations

“Nargis is an amazing osteopath. She is very gentle, but her treatment is powerful. She treats the whole person and not just the bit that’s bothering you; taking the time to find the cause of things. I always feel better and can’t recommend her highly enough. ” K Coulson Dec 2019

“Nargis is an amazing and very experienced osteopath. She has an uncanny ability to be gentle in her approach but still able to manipulate your body back to balance quickly. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”  J Evans Nov 2019

“This treatment does me more good than all the tablets in the world.” Mrs D Canning, December 2017 

“Felt like I had a new body after the last session, as if released from shrink wrap! I don’t know why I didn’t come to you sooner.” Helen R, East Molesey, February 2013.

“I am delighted to let you know that your treatment on my shoulder following injury in a road accident has resulted in a complete recovery. After leaving your clinic, the pain reduced inside the joint and after seven months there was no trace of injury at all. Thank you again for yourfantastic healing.” R Carr. Surrey August 2010.

‘I am 61 years old who bounds about far too much for his own good. Nargis has been treating me now for nigh on 3 years and she always has the answers and her treatment and good humour are first rate. I don’t know what I would do without her.’ Terry C, Maidstone, Kent

“It’s amazing, in just one session I can move my arm and I’m able to do up my bra strap again.” D Cappleman, March 2014.

“I’ve certainly benefited from coming to see you Nargis, you’ve eased my lower back, legs and shoulders!” J Maguire, December 2014.

“Just coming to talk to Nargis is therapy, because she listens and understands when you tell her what hurts.” G Macfarland, March 2013.

“I’m so grateful to you, my hubby feels so much better. The pain is almost gone and he is even smiling now 🙂 He has another appointment with you next week and I’m sure Nargis you will bring back his good health. Thank you!” Anna W Hanwell, January 2013.

“Thank you Nargis for helping me with my fractured elbow. From the day you worked on me it started to improve and I was able to get more movement and sensation in my fingers again.” M Lee, Pianist, March 2014

“I’m surprised how much difference osteopathy made to my legs and lower back and so quickly! I feel so much stronger, wish I had come sooner.” J Maguire, Middlesex, October 2014.

“Thanks a million for your treatment today – I now feel like myself again.” S. Thompson, Kingston, November 2013.

“I went to see physiotherapists for months with low back and neck problems, yet within one session with Nargis I felt realigned and so much better. I continue to see her for check ups, as I know she understands my body, osteopathy is amazing.” L. Sharp, July 2013.

‘Thank you Nargis, for fixing my partner’s back – he can’t believe you managed it in only one session!” Katarina November 2013

‘After one treatment I had more movement in my neck and after couple of days was again able to lift my head off the pillow in the mornings, Nargis’s manner was helpful and informative’ M Wilson, Bockhampton Rd.

“Just ran 10K in 1 hour 02 mins without straining myself and not an ounce of soreness! Such a world of difference your treatment has made.” M Barber January 2015
“After the treatment, I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages!” E. Smith Teddington April 2014.

“I travel more than an hour to get to you Nargis, but your hands are just magic – each time I come I feel better” R. Davies, November 2012

“When I’m rich, I’m going to have you as my personal therapist every day, we are so lucky to know you.” D Kalcheva, Hampton, February 2013.

“It’s a joy to no longer have my shoulders clunking, thank you Nargis!” C. Price, Salisbury, March 2014.

“Felt like I’d just been to the best yoga session ever after your treatment, totally balanced and relaxed,” Lucy S, mother of two, Dec 2016

“You’ve helped me enormously, made a tremendous difference and relieved the pain.” Mark P, following a cycling accident, Oct 2016

‘Delighted as my tinnitus has really settled down and now able to move my neck, it’s marvellous.’ Carol S 18th April 2018

Pain and Discomfort Commonly Treated by Osteopathy

Neck pain
Pelvic pain
Physical injuries
Postural problems
Arthritic pain
Back pain
Elbow and wrist
Headaches from neck stiffness
Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
Sinus and ear problems
Shoulder stiffness
Unable to relax, overall tension and stress (teeth grinding)
Hip pain (on walking and laying down)

Want to speak with Nargis directly? Please call 0208 943 1728