Does My Baby Need Cranial Osteopathy?

As a new mum (or dad), it’s heartbreaking to see your baby in pain or unable to settle. Nargis Ahmad BSc (Hons) Ost uses safe, non-invasive cranial osteopathy techniques that involve gentle manipulation that could help soothe and relax your baby.

As babies skeletons are softer than adults’, Nargis will use gentler techniques such as cranial osteopathy to treat your baby – so you don’t need to worry that your baby will be in any discomfort during the treatment.

The manipulation is so so gentle that some babies have been known to sleep through it – and Nargis has often been told by parents that they have never seen their baby relax like that before.

How does Nargis’ treatment work?

The osteopathic treatment works with the baby’s natural instinct to thrive. Gentle manipulation seeks to resolve strain patterns in the balance of the bones in the skull, calm breathing and restore balance and harmony within the tissues of the body.

Nargis recommends a course of treatments for best results and reviews the progress, treatment aims and expected outcome with the parents within each session.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need treatment after a caesarean?2020-02-05T13:11:32+00:00

Yes, sometimes an emergency Caesarean will cause more strain to both mother and baby than a natural delivery. So a treatment for both is highly recommended.

What will my baby feel during treatment?2020-02-05T13:10:00+00:00

Babies often realise that someone is helping them and will lock eyes with me or even fall asleep from relief. The touch is very gentle and they only cry when wind is moving in their gut or they are reminded of what happened as they were being born e.g. If they became stuck, turned or needed an assisted delivery.

Does my baby really have a small mouth?2020-02-05T13:08:59+00:00

Sometimes babies appear to have a narrow gape and clamp down on the breast. This can make feeding time really painful for you, but once your baby can fully tilt its head back, the mouth will widen and enable easy swallowing.

Why does my baby pull on and off breast?2020-02-05T13:03:14+00:00

Your baby may be suffering from trapped wind, which makes it agitated at feeding time. As the gut tries to push wind through the digestive tract you will see your baby arching. Your baby may also be experiencing reflux, which can irritate the chest and throat area.

How does treatment help a baby?2020-02-05T13:02:28+00:00

Cranial osteopathy focuses on the anatomy and any strain patterns that are within the plates of the skull or fascia of the body to restore balance and relieve tension. A baby’s natural way to do this is to cry a lot or by having a hard painful bite, rather than gentle suckling action to feed.

How old does my baby need to be to have cranial osteopathy?2020-02-05T13:01:40+00:00

If a mum and baby are struggling, as soon as possible. The youngest I have treated is 2 days old and especially after a difficult birth or period in intensive care. Sometimes babies are lazy feeders due to jaundice and a cranial treatment may help stimulate the nerve areas to promote feeding and avoid returning to hospital.

“I love bringing my baby to you as she is so relaxed after, you’re worth every penny and more Nargis.” Natalie P Teddington April 2013.
“You suddenly realise that your baby holding it’s neck up with strong shoulders is not a good thing! So lovely to see him relax and let his arms rest by his sides during treatment.” R. Rolfe Kingston April 2014.
“We’ve turned a corner since seeing you – no longer need to use nipple shields.” Kate D Teddington Sept 2014.
“Nargis has a very comprehensive understanding of post natal issues and breast feeding in both mother and baby. Baby was extremly relaxed and seemed to enjoy the treatment.” V Humble. SW9.

“It was so beneficial seeing you with our first baby and we had such a good experience, that we’ve come again
with our second one.” G & M Robinson, with 2 week old baby, February 2018

‘I was feeling desperate with my second baby, nothing like my first;  fractious and finding it difficult to feed. Nargis was reassuring and helpful in explaining a simple mechanical problem which she treated and my baby clearly enjoyed cranial osteopathy. Now we are doing great.’  Emma Ellins 6th March 2018 

Nargis has previously helped parents whose baby is…

suffering from abdominal pain and wind
turning to one side
struggling with a blocked nose and chesty breathing
 Affected by other conditions – often following a referral from a local health professional.

Working with local birthing experts

Teddington Midwives , local doulas in Kingston, Twickenham, Richmond, Teddington and beyond, the NCT and breastfeeding consultants have all recommended Nargis to new parents.

Are you struggling to make it into the clinic with a newborn? Nargis may be able to come to you.

home visit baby £120 (depending on travel time)
home visit mum and baby £187.

If you’d like to discuss whether osteopathy will benefit your baby, call Nargis for a complimentary 10 minute chat on 020 8943 1728.

Cranial osteopathy for twins

If you’ve recently given birth to twins, the chances are that you’re feeling rather exhausted right now.

A common issue with twins is that one baby had less space to grow and was squashed into a smaller part of the womb. That’s why it may be beneficial to have them checked to balance them and correct their alignment.

We know that twin babies are rather expensive so we’ve created a special rate for parents with two babies. After an initial hour-and-half consultation where I will asses your children to see what might help and provide any suitable treatment for £97.50, both babies are treated within a 45 minute session.


Gift Vouchers are available at a special rate of £65 per hour of care and nurture for mums with new baby, which make the perfect present for a baby shower or a friend or family member who has just given birth.

You’ll find all of our osteopathy fees here

A little something for you…

Caring for your baby is important, but looking after yourself is essential too. That’s why we have a little gift for new mums.

If you bring your baby for a cranial osteopathy session, you will be offered a discounted osteopathy session at only £50 an hour. This discounted rate includes a 10% donation to Shooting Star Chase children’s charity to help other mums and their children.

Speak with Nargis directly 020 8943 1728