De-Stress, Laughter and Relaxation Sessions

Stressed out? Uptight? Worked-up? Laughter is the best natural medicine so you are guaranteed to leave with a feel good factor.

Laughter groups relieve stress, improve immunity, promote cardio-vascular health and relax tension in muscles and as the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter, each session will produce endorphins, feel good hormones.

Groups take place each Monday at 9.45am-10.45am and all ages are welcome to the ‘De-stress, Laughter and Relaxation’ sessions –  it’s your perfect opportunity to start the week with a giggle!

From time to time we do have to change the schedule and we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed, so please do check the calendar here the day before.

In the Breathing and Laughter workshop you will enjoy:

Breathing exercises with Qi Gong movements to stimulate circulation, improve oxygen uptake and concentration.
Active, playful laughter exercises to stimulate meaningless laughter.
Relaxation body scan and calm breathing at end of each session.

Come and enjoy an hour focused on YOU and YOUR WELL-BEING

The Langdon Down Centre
2A Langdon Park,
Middlesex TW11 9PS

You’ll find us behind the red door on the big white entrance at the centre of the building. Parking available (the notices do not apply when attending centre).

Suggested donation: £5

If you want to know a little bit more about it, or like to confirm that you are attending please call Nargis on 020 8943 1728. You can find out more, including checking in or hearing from regular attendees on our Meet up page:

“I was really inspired by the laughter session to get back to the things I love doing. I’m also using some of the laughter exercises to diffuse tension when the children get grumpy; if I make them laugh it really works! Thank you!” Lori M, School Teacher April 2015

Speak with Nargis directly 020 8943 1728