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Improve Your Posture and Save Your Back

Are you suffering from back pain? Got aching wonky hips? A stomach that sticks out even when you’re holding it in? Or hunched forward rounded shoulders from
lugging things around all day? Perhaps you’re starting to develop ‘text neck’?

Then it’s time to give your body a little TLC.

Nargis Ahmad uses osteopathic techniques for postural correction to rebalance your body and minimise (or in many cases solve) pain and discomfort.

After treatment, clients frequently tell Nargis that the pain is no longer debilitating, they have movement back in their shoulders and they’re thrilled to be able to sleep on their favourite side again. Welcome back a good night’s rest.

Some Client Recommendations

“I can feel the difference already, I’m sitting straighter not slumped. Following your advice I’ve rearranged my desk and no longer feel so tired at the end of the day.” David P, 35, Kew, October 2016.

“My neck and shoulder have been hurting, when I’m at school and I can’t concentrate. Now it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Ella D, 8, Kingston, May 2015

“Felt like I’d just been to the best yoga session ever after your treatment, totally balanced and relaxed.” Lucy S, mother of two, Dec 2016

“Studying for my exams has been really hard, my shoulders are really tight and I’ve a constant headache. Now the headache has gone in one session, yippee and my shoulders feel normal again.” Emily D, 17, Kingston, June 2015
“My hip and back have been a problem for ages, and I was getting desperate. At 82 felt was losing my mobility, but now its so much better. I’m no longer limping and feeling loads more confident walking and getting out and about.” Thelma G, Hampton Wick, October 2016
“I know I need to see Nargis when I start stooping and my back aches washing up in the kitchen, always feel taller and straighter after seeing he, such a relief.” Janet M, Twickenham, November 2015
‘You do wonders keeping my arthritic joints moving, it makes such a difference when you ease the pain.’ Audrey A, 81, Whitton, September 2016

Correct Your Posture with Osteopathy

Have you developed one or more of these ‘lazy’ habits over the years?

  • Slouching in a chair
  • Leaning on one leg
  • Hunched back and ‘text neck’
  • Poking out your chin
  • Rounded shoulders

If so, it’s unlikely your body is functioning quite as effectively as it could.

By using osteopathic techniques to improve your posture you, like many of Nargis’s clients, may find that your headaches and shoulder pain disappear and you no longer need to slouch.

Not only does treatment reduce the risk of painful trapped nerves in your neck as you get older, but it also promotes good oxygen uptake in your lungs – so your fitness levels could improve too.

Many patients experience an immediate improvement from postural correction using osteopathy and the self-management advice and techniques they receive and do not need a long course of treatments to benefit. However, when it starts to feel an effort to stand or sit up straight again, you’ll know that it’s time for a general osteopathic treatment (GOT) to get you back in shape.

Find out more about how you can improve your posture.

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